Online entries now open for MAAC Swim Meet

You can now register online for MAAC’s swim meet, which is on Saturday, August 15th. We encourage everyone to sign up online as it saves us a lot of work and potential mistakes typing in entries by hand. So, pick your favorite five events, click on the link, and sign up. We have set a goal of having 50 MAAC swimmers participate in the meet which means there will be a lot of people doing their first ever swim meet. You will not be alone, you will have the support of your teammates, coaches, and the home pool advantage. This is a FUN event and is for everyone! A note about seed times: you need to enter seed times for your events. Keep in mind that for this meet, we turn the lanes 90 degrees and swim 25 meter laps instead of 25 yards. That means your times will be about 10% slower. So, to convert your yard times to meters, just add about 3-4 seconds per 50 yards. Need help with seed times, ask a coach. All events are seeded by time, not age, so if you enter a realistic time, you will be swimming in a heat with people your same speed and makes it fun for everyone.

Sign up here!

MAAC Meet meeting was today

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After the Saturday morning practice today, MAAC held a meeting regarding volunteering for its annual swim meet held on August 15th. There are a total of 40 volunteer postions that need to be filled. These include:


– Pre-Registration

– Marshals

– Swimmer Check-in Desk

– Goodie Bags

– Concessions

– Relay Administrators

– Results Runners

– Safety Coordinators: Heather

– Hospitality: Dina

– Set Up & Take Down

Another Cabo update!

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It’s been 3 weeks since we started Cabo, and the MAACSwimmer has swam 726 miles and is now swimming in the ocean off the coast of Baja California near El Marron. Keep up the great work!! Only 490 miles left to swim before the Cabo Party on June 27th!

Rafting Recap

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June 7th was MAAC’s 2nd annual rafting trip! 14 people on 2 boats enjoyed the beautiful day on the river and also enjoyed a nice BBQ potluck at Orange Blossom Park. It was a blast!

Virtual Swim to Cabo San Lucas

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It’s a Team Event…you can be one of the lucky supportive participants to help ?MAACSwimmer? get to Mexico. The cost is just $15 per member and you will receive a ?Never Before Offered? MAAC Logo Water Bottle. But better than that…a ?Mexican Fiesta? Party will celebrate our BIG SUCCESS! Register on deck with a coach and begin to rack up those yards in the pool…adding to your own personal mileage until June 27th. Our goal is to have a total team tally to equal the distance to the tip of Baja California!

Our Team Yardage Goal – MJC to Cabo; 1473 Miles = 2,533,560 yards 50 Swimmers @ 51,100 yards…so accept this fun fitness challenge to say,

Adiós, MAACSwimmer!


343,900 yds= 195.4 miles (just outside of Bakersfield)


284.2 miles (Ensenada, Mexico)

TOTAL: 479.6 miles