Rafting Recap

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June 7th was MAAC’s 2nd annual rafting trip! 14 people on 2 boats enjoyed the beautiful day on the river and also enjoyed a nice BBQ potluck at Orange Blossom Park. It was a blast!

Virtual Swim to Cabo San Lucas

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It’s a Team Event…you can be one of the lucky supportive participants to help ?MAACSwimmer? get to Mexico. The cost is just $15 per member and you will receive a ?Never Before Offered? MAAC Logo Water Bottle. But better than that…a ?Mexican Fiesta? Party will celebrate our BIG SUCCESS! Register on deck with a coach and begin to rack up those yards in the pool…adding to your own personal mileage until June 27th. Our goal is to have a total team tally to equal the distance to the tip of Baja California!

Our Team Yardage Goal – MJC to Cabo; 1473 Miles = 2,533,560 yards 50 Swimmers @ 51,100 yards…so accept this fun fitness challenge to say,

Adiós, MAACSwimmer!


343,900 yds= 195.4 miles (just outside of Bakersfield)


284.2 miles (Ensenada, Mexico)

TOTAL: 479.6 miles