Events worth saving the date for!

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Here are some MAAC activities that you don’t want to miss!

October 3rd– After Saturday Practice, MAAC will show a video on the fundamentals of the Butterfly Stroke. Tom will moderate the event. This will be a potluck social, so come have some muffins and juice with the team and learn more about butterfly!

October 30th– MAAC will have its 4th Annual Halloween Party at Kurt’s house. If you are interested in helping with the planning we need 2 more volunteers, contact Ed Mageean at or call 209 614-4258.

November 13th– This will be a special Friday the 13th Swim and Dine with MAAC. We will have a Friday Night Practice from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Right after practice, we will go to the Pizza Factory for Pizza and drinks. MAAC will host the pizza and soft drinks. Alcoholic beverages will be no-host. All MAAC members and 1 guest are invited. Come out and meet your fellow teammates.

November 23rd – December 23rd is our 3rd Annual “Miles in the Pool” event. “Miles in the Pool” is when you set a distance goal in the pool and try to reach it over the 5 weeks. What makes this event special is it helps keep you focused on a fitness goal during the busy holiday season. Award dinner to celebrate your goal in January.

December 5thPacific Masters Reno Winners Swim Meet- Short Course Yards (see post below for more details)

January 30th 2010 “What’s Your 1650?” (66 Laps) This is a timed 1-mile event in the pool. Set your goal and meet it. This is a fundraiser for the MJC. Last year’s event helped purchase Swim Parkas for the MJC Women’s Swim Team.

Halloween Party

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Halloween Party Update: There is no longer a theme. You can still dress in the 80’s or anything you’d like!

Flashback to the 80’s! Like, have you ever wanted to be a Billy Ray or Michael Jackson wannabe? Like now’s your chance for sure! MAAC is having its annual wicked party hearty Halloween party on Friday, October 30th. So like make sure you totally save the date and start planning your costume to the max! It’s going to be like totally major!

Color the Skies Balloon Run 5k

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On Saturday, September 5, 2009, 5 MAAC swimmers participated in the Color the Skies Balloon Run 5k in Ripon. MAACletes in the race included: Lynsey Jespersen (21:45), Dave Barrett (19:11), Heather O’Hearn (31:12), Kelly Frederick (25:48), & Karen Znadarski (43:59). Everyone did a great job! You can see the full race results here.