MAAC Annual Meeting

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Our annual meeting will be a potluck at Kathy Parks’ house in Salida on Saturday, February 27th at 6 pm. We will hand out Miles in the Pool scarves and recognize achievements, including MAAC Swimmer of the year. We will have board member elections and view an end-of-year slideshow. MAAC will provide tri-tip and non-alcoholic beverages. This event is limited to MAAC members and adult guests only. Please RSVP and indicate what you will bring to avoid duplicates.

MITP Final Results

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Miles in the Pool Final Tally:
1) Jellyfish 625950 yds
2) Sea Turtles 530650 yds
3) Squids 492300 yds

Top 10 Individuals
1) Teresa Focha 85200
2) Mark Fahlen 73350
3) Lisa Crosbie 72700
4) Joan Berry 71400
5) Jennifer Hodges 65150
6) David Bradford 62700
7) Jessica Focha 61800
8) Virgen Del Rio 57500
9) Kathryn Sandner 57000
10) Tom Kara 54900

MAAC Members Break the USMS Top 10

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Congratulations to Larry Daniels and Mark Fahlen for their top 10 USMS times in 2015.


MAAC Updates: Meeting and Meet

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Save the date: the MAAC Annual Meeting will be held on Feb. 27. Details coming soon.

Upcoming meet: the Cal Masters Swim Meet will be on Sunday, March 6. A MAAC coach and teammates will be there.

Presidents’ Day

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The pool will be closed Feb. 12-15 in honor of Presidents’ Day.

MITP Extended

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Miles in the Pool will be extended one day due to the missed practices. The last MITP workout will be Monday evening (Feb. 8).

Pool update

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We will resume MAAC practice tonight. The pool is currently about 76 degrees (normal for us is 80). It will likely remain on the cool side for the next couple of days as they had to order parts to repair the heater. From what I understand the heater is working, but at half of normal output. We’ll see how it goes.

Pool update

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Pool only made it to 75 degrees overnight so practice was cancelled again this morning. They are working on the heater which appears to be only working at half power. Stay tuned for updates. Facilities felt that if they could get the heater going fully the pool may be ready by tonight.

Update: no noon practice today. 

No practice tonight 

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There will be no practice tonight (February 1st ) due to the water temperature being too cold.  

MITP Week 3 Update

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Current Top 10:

1. Mark Fahlen 58,100

2. Lisa Crosbie 56,850

3. Joan Berry 53,300

4. Teresa Focha 51,500

5. Jennifer Hodges 48,950

6. David Bradford 46,050

7. Jessica Focha 45,250

8. Virgen Del Rio 40,900

9. Blaine Rourke 39,550

10. Kathryn Sandner 38,300

Current Team Standings:

1. Jellyfish 474,600

2. Sea Turtles 384,850

3. Squids 372,109