MAAC has over 100 members from the ages of 18-75! Most swim for fitness, the friendly social atmosphere, or for rehab from injuries.

Location: next to the Modesto Junior College Gymnasium on Coldwell Ave. near Tully.

What are the workouts like? Each workout runs for an hour (don’t worry if you can’t finish the whole hour initially). The coach gives the “sets,” which vary in distance per lane.  The faster lanes generally cover slightly over 3,000 yards per workout, with slower lanes about a third of that distance. Space permitting, you may enter a workout late. The lanes are limited to a maximum of 5 swimmers of similar ability per lane to avoid overcrowding.

Why swim with Modesto Area Aquatic Club? Swimming is great exercise; our heated pool is available year round; swimming with others of your ability is fun; and MAAC offers  multiple daily workouts.

How good of a swimmer must I be to join? MAAC welcomes swimmers of all abilities – we have all abilities – from Olympic Trials Swimmers to novice swimmers. If you can swim 4 lengths of the pool, our coaching staff can help you improve your skills and endurance. You don’t need to be able to swim all the strokes to join! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Workouts are adjusted to take into account each swimmer’s ability level.

Water Temperature: A comfortable 80 degrees.

Dressing rooms and hot showers location: Adjacent to the pool.

I’m not in the best of shape now, and don’t look so great in a swimsuit. Do I have to wear a racing swim suit? Any swimsuit will do. And with 10 – 30 swimmers in an average workout, all body types are represented! People aren’t focused on your looks as much as you might be – just hop in and get some exercise! If you put if off, you might never get going.

Are there races? Optional races take place in both lakes and pools. Pool races are offered almost every month in our region. Competition is optional and fun to try.

What about the social aspects? Besides getting to know fellow swimmers, MAAC sponsors parties throughout the year.

More information: Please contact the Member at Large here. We no longer have trial or visiting swimmers.

Policies and Procedures: Read attachment here.


The dues are $40 per month. You must also join Pacific Masters Swimming annually. (We require this so that MAAC has liability insurance).