MAAC letter to members

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MAAC Members,

Community Education has met with MAAC representatives recently to express concerns with the financial operation of our swim program.  Since the MJC pool closure our swim program has been operating at a deficit. The expectation is that Community Education programs will be self-sufficient.  Thus, MAAC must develop a plan that will correct the current deficit operation.

MAAC’s challenge is the reduction in membership revenue.  Membership averaged above 100 members prior to MJC’s pool closure. Membership has averaged 43 members in 2019, excluding summer months in which we could offer noon swims.  The tremendous advantage MAAC enjoys is that Community Education does not use our membership/class fees to pay for a pool.

On September 18, MAAC Board approved a plan that “balances” our budget.  The changes include:

  1. Increase dues to $50 a month – The Board remains confident our dues remain very low relative to most USMS programs.
  2. Discontinuing Friday night and Saturday morning practices – Attendance for these practices have been relatively low. These practices can be reconsidered when/if membership increases.
  3. Reduction in expenses – The Board reviewed all expenses and some adjustments were made.

These changes will be effective October 1, 2019.

We hope to return to the MJC pool and our normal operation as soon as possible however there does not appear to be a firm date for the pool’s return to operation.

Your continuing participation in our swim program is the only way we succeed.  Thank you for your support.

MAAC Board of Directors